Hurda Party

Mamacha Mala Schedule for Hurda Party

Welcome with rural traditional way

Misal Pav/Small Dhapate, Tea/Coffee/Milk

Various types of sports are available at Mamacha Mala like Rope Climbing, Small Ground for play any type of sports, stepping bridge etc. for all age of persons. Special swimming in Mama’s well (विहीर)

A real rural maharashtrian lunch with pickle, green chilly thecha, chulivaril Bhakri, chapati, pithla, one gravy subji, one thick subji, one sweet dish, curd, rice, dal etc.

Organic Jawar Hurda, Pickle, Ber (बोर), Gram (हरभरा), Organic Sugarcane juice

Pickle Garden Suffer, Bullock Cart Suffer, Tractor Railway Suffer, Organic Farm Visit, Zoo, Polly House Visit, Cow Shed Visit, etc.

* Group Discount Available  with Terms and Conditions